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Stickley Rug - The Donegal

"You won't find a better price anywhere"

The Donegal. It all began in 1898, when Alexander Morton & Company of London began producing hand made carpets in Donegal, Ireland. Gustav Stickley owned several Donegal rugs, and in the December 1906 issue of The Craftsman, Stickley states: “For those wanting the very best in rugs and carpets, there is an end to the quest in the rich, artistic and everlasting Donegal Rugs... in depth and closeness of pile, richness of coloring, and grace of design, nothing can excel these Donegal products.” Originally displayed at Grafton Gallery in London during a Liberty’s Exhibition in 1903, this carpet design artfully depicts the boughs of a giant hemlock. Hand-knotted by Nepalese weavers using wool from Himalayan Highland sheep, this rug is as popular today as it was during Gustav’s era.