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Angled Adirondack Bear Chair Tête-à-tête - Save € 100 now!

"You won't find a better price anywhere"

For those who like company, this double seat with built in table and shelve is comfy and practical. 

Made by the original manufacturer, the Bear Chair Company in South River, Ontario, Canada and guaranteed for 15 years when assembled by us!

From untreated Western Red Cedar: its antibacterial essential oils make the chairs weather-resistant for decades. Red Cedar is light as a feather, strong as oak and fragrant of cedar oils. Without a doubt the best wood for garden furniture.

No need to treat the chairs! They will acquire a beautiful silver-grey patina like teak. Lifetime: 25+ years!

To preserve the beautiful wood tone, for protection against dirt and to extend the lifespan, treat the chairs with our CETOL Resin Stain: Lifetime 25+ years! We offer to give the surface of the chairs an additional sanding to fire up the beautiful wood grain (recommended) and you paint the finished chair yourself.

Highly recommended: Let us smoothly sand and pre-assemble your chairs for you: seat, back, and legs are already assembled. Just put the big parts together and assemble the table in the middle in 10 min. We give you a 15-year-warranty on it.

Questions? Give us a call: you will speak with us directly and not to some call-center Email markus.philipp@ontaria.de ~ Telefon +49 611 360-6260 ~ / Whatsapp /Pico+49 160 977-25149. (Languages: English+++, Deutsch+++, Français++, Español+)

Dimensions: Chair: H90, W190, D90cm (23kg)


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